BIOSOFT- Electronic Medical Record The innovative electronic application for health professionals has been awarded with the Gold Award “Best Business Productivity Application 2015”

BIOAXIS Healthcare innovates and introduces to health professionals, an avant-garde internet application, that makes their professional life easier! BIOSOFT Electronic Medical Record™, can be used by any doctor in order to easily optimize the operations his medical office, or a clinic, in terms of Administration & Maintenance of Patient Medical Records, as well as the export of multiple valuable statistics.

BIOSOFT achieves the optimization and automation of administrative operations and saves valuable doctor’s time, allowing him to focus exclusively in his patients’ support. BIOSOFT is offered free of charge (!) in its basic version and it is user-friendly, as with only 2 - 4 clicks will remind you about appointments, medical records and patient exams, personal and patient family history records, possible allergies or risk factors, prescription tips and will draw valuable demographic and statistical information about the operation of the medical office!

BIOSOFT works in a Cloud environment and is accessible from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop & PC) and location. Moreover, it is suitable for all medical specialties and it’s designed to fit in even the most specialized needs of every clinic or specialty. Each user has access through a personal username and password. Sensitive personal data are encrypted for maximum security and stored in a secure Data Center, certified with ISO27001, according to international medical standards and data exchange standards.

BIOSOFT has already been granted its first Gold Award “Best Business Productivity Application 2015”, in the Apps Awards 2015, of the Mobility Forum & Apps Awards 2015, organized by ETHOS EVENTS, bIT & MOBILE and the portal, under the auspices of the Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications Companies and supported by the Association of Information Technology & Communications.

BIOAXIS Healthcare is a leading company offering patient management & support services. With its headquarters in the UK, the company currently has a presence many European countries. Given its pioneering spirit, it is the first company to offer certified cold-chain drug delivery & logistics services to its clients in accordance with the strictest GDP guidelines in selected countries of operation. Furthermore, as a strategic initiative it has turned its attention to the offer of holistic e- health solutions that aim to satisfy the modern-day needs of its clients. BIOAXIS Healthcare consistently manages & supports thousands of patients every year on behalf of leading pharmaceutical & other healthcare companies.

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