Drug Refill service successfully audited by one of the biggest global pharmaceutical companies

The DrugRefill service is part of a Patient Support Program and the target is to manage all the procedures needed as well as to deliver the drug at patient’s home. DrugRefill is based on a specific Patient Support PCPTM protocol and delivered via cold chain (2°-8°/15°-25°) logistics operations.

BIOAXIS has invested for the in-house development of the unique advanced CRM that manages the PCPTM (Patient Communication Protocol) as well as a Certified Drug Refill Center. The DrugRefill Center is an ISO9001:2015 Certified facility that are performed all the operations for the secure packaging and operations of the delivered drugs.

BIOAXIS Healthcare's high caliber Pharmaceutical clients have stringent quality & compliance expectations. BIOAXIS's ability to repeatedly satisfy its clients' requirements, to manage possible associated business risks appropriately & to deliver the quality standards expected on a global scale is testament to its leadership position in the patient management field. The packaging is consisted by validated temperature controlled special boxes for Cold chain distribution in 2°-8°/2°-25°/15°-25°.

The infrastructure includes the Certified and Temperature Controlled Packaging area, certified means of cooling and freezing, recorded and certified temperature, traceability of the drugs (LOT) and Continuity & Risk Management Plan, all managed by the BIOAXIS DrugRefill I.S. CRM.

BIOAXIS is proud to have participated in its clients' quality audits, having its critical processes & procedures recognized. Mr. Vassilis Triantopoulos, CEO of BIOAXIS Healthcare announced: "Our clients increasingly need to run compliance audits to ensure the quality of the services we offer them. This is something that we welcome. The opportunity to personally interface with our global clients, to solidify as well as endorse our strict operating procedures & to further develop our processes where necessary is an invaluable component of our continual development. Audits are a learning experience as well as a chance to quantify a company's services value. We are pleased to have succeeded the very demanding global audit of our Drug Refill services."

BIOAXIS Healthcare is a trusted & qualified partner to its clients, being leading companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry.


BIOAXIS Healthcare is a leading company offering patient management & support services. With its headquarters in the UK, the company currently has a presence in United Kingdom, Greece, Cyprus and Portugal. Given its pioneering spirit, it is the first company to offer certified cold-chain drug delivery & logistics services to its clients in accordance with the strictest GDP guidelines in selected countries of operation. Furthermore, as a strategic initiative it has turned its attention to the offer of holistic e-health solutions that aim to satisfy the modern-day needs of its clients. BIOAXIS Healthcare consistently manages & supports thousands of patients every year on behalf of leading pharmaceutical & other healthcare companies.

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