Will you follow doctor's orders?

The same company that created the credit score many lenders use to determine your creditworthiness has come up with a new tool it says can predict how likely you are to take your medicine.

Minneapolis-based FICO has taken its expertise in analytics and created what it calls the Medication Adherence Score. The company believes that if doctors, pharmacists and others know ahead of time that a patient is less likely to pick up a prescription or to take it correctly, the doctor or pharmacist will spend more time at the front end explaining the benefits or providing more information.


Barriers to Patient Compliance

A patient's ability to accept and follow the advice of medical professionals depends on a number of factors, such as the patient's feelings about how his care should be handled and the patient's relationship with clinicians and healthcare professionals. Many factors can become barriers to patient compliance, such as ineffective treatment application, the high cost of medication (see Reference 2, page 3), poor communication and the patient's lifestyle. There is no one remedy that ensures that a patient would adhere to a treatment plan (see Reference 1).


Compliance with rotary powered brush

The goals of this retrospective look at 15 years of patient compliance in a periodontal practice are to look at the differences between manual brushing and use of a powered rotary brush as part of daily oral hygiene. Chronic periodontal disease is a serious infection initiated by the presence of multiple pathogens challenging the host immune mechanism.


HCPC announces Compliance Packages of the Year

Novartis Pharmaceuticals’ Diovan HCT® Shellpak® was named 2010 Compliance Package of the Year at the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council’s (HCPC) annual Compliance Package of the Year (CPY) competition May 3 at RxAdherence 2011, the organization’s annual conference on patient adherence and compliance-prompting packaging issues.


Good asthma control requires patient compliance

The reare many effective asthma medications on the market, but these medicines are not fulfilling their potential because of poor patient compliance,say doctors.


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