Adherence Arena: Compliance or Persistence

Why persistence matters in evaluating adherence programs.

So you’re in the market for a medication adherence solution and you’re aware that ‘adherence’ encompasses two distinct concepts: compliance and persistence.


How to Improve Patient Retention and Care Plan Compliance

Wouldn’t you love it if you had a consistent flow of patient referrals without having to ask your patients for the referrals yourself?

4 Reasons Your Medical Practice Needs an E-mail Newsletter


Digital Technologies to Boost Patient Compliance

Around the globe, technology and the digital age are changing the way we live, communicate and conduct business.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans play online computer and video games. Fewer and fewer young adults read hard copies of newspapers and magazines. And as health issues such as diabetes, asthma and depression grow in prevalence, digital technology is increasingly being used by—and for—patients to influence health outcomes.


Electronic Solutions for Patient Reported Data

Patient self-reported data has become increasingly important in today's clinical trials. Trials in some disease indications rely upon patient recorded diary data as the primary endpoint to demonstrate drug efficacy - including, for example, indications such as insomnia, migraine and pain. In addition, improvements in quality of life measured using patient questionnaires can now be included as claims on drug labelling.



Patient non adherence: an indicator of treatment benefits?

University of Lausanne, Institute of Health Economics and Management, Lausanne, Switzerland.

This paper offers a measure of treatment benefits based on whether patients comply with the prescription they receive.

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